Happy Holidays!

Greetings All!

Last night we held the first meeting of the Board of Directors of the Atlanta Guitar Guild.  The Guild has assembled a diverse and highly experienced Board.  The six members are Amy Lashley, George Petsch, David Drexler, John Huston, Bryce Hammond and Matthew James.  The Board also elected officers for the Guild.  The officers are:

John Huston, president

Mary Akerman, vice president

Amy Lashley, secretary

Christine Vanchella, treasurer

The Board and officers had a productive meeting and exchange of ideas about the direction of the Guild and where our resources will best be directed for 2013.  There are a number of coming announcements regarding upcoming events, the Atlanta Guitar Guild Orchestra, and our advocacy efforts.  Please check back in with us often in the coming weeks for more exciting developments!

Happy Holidays!

John Huston

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