Flamenco Workshop in Decatur March 7-10

Attention Flamenco Aficionados!

Víctor Márquez “Tomate” will be teaching a flamenco guitar workshop and class March 7-10 as a part of the flamenco company La Compañía de Manuel Liñán at Core Studios on the Decatur Square.  Born in Cordoba, Victor Marquez descends from the renowned family of guitarists known as “Tomates”.  His musical training is traditional, coming from his family of musicians.  He began he musical training at the young age of 9, under the tutelage of his cousin Juan Manuel Muñoz “Tomate hijo”.  His uncle, “El Tomate” later taught him to accompany singers.  He has performed with some of the most famous flamenco companies in Spain, including that of Manuel Linan, Alfonso Losa, Rafael Amarga, Maria del  Mar Martinez, Jose Porcel, Rafael Martos, and Antonio Canales. Additionally, he performs in Madrid’s best known tablaos when not working  in theater productions.    Victor Marquez has also performed internationally, including in the show “El Flamenco” in Tokyo in 2009.  He has gained acclaim as part of a generation of accomplished guitarists who play the traditional form of flamenco yet find a way to express their own artistic voices.
In Atlanta, guitar classes will cover chords for song verses and how to accompany singers and dancers during the verses.  Also, at least one falseta will be taught during the classes, as well as basic flamenco technique (i.e., razqueados, golpes)  and meter.  Only one or two songs will be covered in the class:  tangos and/or alegrias.  Tangos in flamenco is not the same as the Argentinian tango.  It has 4 beats per measure, with a funky drag and an emphasis on count 3 to close phrases. Alegrias has 12 counts per measure, with a mixture of 3/4 and 6/8 time.  It can be challenging for some and super simple for others to catch the first time around!  This is not a solo guitar class in which students learn to play an entire piece.  Rather, they learn that flamenco guitarists watch, listen, and communicate to accompany singers and dancers;  and they learn the basic concepts, technique, and theory to play as accompanists.  Basic chord knowledge is required for this class, and students must have some experience playing finger style guitar.  All levels of players are welcome, as there will be a challenge for everyone – from technique to communication to the musical timing.
The workshop covers dance, singing, and guitar.  Each discipline meets in a separate space inside of CORE Studios, except on the last day when guitarists will play for the dancers and singers, for a portion of the class time.  This means that the guitarists sit with Victor for their class all the time except during the last part of class on the last day.

Classes are 1.5 hours each, except on Saturday, when the class is 1 hour long.

La Compañía de Manuel Liñán will be performing at the Rialto Center for the Arts in Downtown Atlanta on March 9.

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