A Wonderful Night

The August 16th Opening Concert was musically thrilling and, as a fundraiser, a resounding success.  If you were there you know.  The intoxicating melodies of the Bonaventure Quartet followed you home and the abstract landscapes at One Twelve Gallery informed your dreams.

So many deserve thanks: Mary Akerman delivered a concert of exquisite classical guitar.  Angelina Galashenkova-Reed brought her domra and her amazing musical gift.  Harmonic Bonanza captured the evening on film.  We debuted the Atlanta Guitar Guild logo courtesy of Lauren Holly at Graphiknation.  And the beautiful people who generously gave their help in facilitating (Linda McCormick, Tamara Huston, Spencer Mcghin, Julia Carroll.)

When I looked out in the audience I saw such a wonderful group of people, many of whom I am proud to call friends.  Some of Atlanta’s finest musicians sat side by side with some of the city’s most enthusiastic arts supporters, sharing space and sound.  But I think what gradually dawned, on guests and performers alike, was a sense of possibility.  The Guild was, in that room, the nexus point of so much talent and enthusiasm.  I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed: so much opportunity for musical exploration and invention!  I hope you will join us at our next event.

Gratitude for you and Peace to you – John Huston

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